Genyo e-Learning Lets Schools Take the Lead

Genyo e-Learning Lets Schools Take the Lead


Creating the ideal e-learning environment where superior learning happens is no easy feat. This is why Diwa Learning Systems, the country's leading educational publisher is offering an integrated e-leaning solution called Genyo.

Genyo has all the components for an effective e-learning, and schools are taking  the lead on its use.
Genyo is developed with all key stakeholders in mind. According to Diwa Learning System's Vice President Jose Maria T. Policarpio, Genyo aims to have "admirable schools, outstanding teachers, brilliant students and delighted parents."


Interactive setting for more engaging learning experience


With Genyo, schools are equipped to take full advantage of the benefits of information technology in the classroom. It transforms classrooms from a teacher-centered learning environment to a more interactive setting. This creates a more engaging student learning experience.

A basic Genyo package includes Science e-Modules, Math e-Modules, ICT integration management services, network consulting and technical support, teacher training and access to Genyo online.

Diwa also offers upgrades, which include English e-Modules, Araling Panlipunan e-Modules, Filipino e-Modules, LTRLinx e-game and Genyo mobile school, which is an SMS-based learning.

Genyo's main components: the Science, Math, English Araling Panlipunan and Filipino e-Modules, are versatile audio-visual presentation tools that enable teachers to effectively explain processes. Learning comes alive with its interactive and multi-media components like video and audio clips, colorful graphics, charts and animations, interactive simulations and challenging exercises and quizzes.

Genyo also functions as lecture-substitute. Students can study at their own pace using Genyo. They can use it either for advanced learning or to review concepts already tackled in the classroom.

Both teachers and students have an easy and fun time navigating Genyo. Module-type dedicated curriculum resources with extensive information in Science, Math, English, Araling Panlipunan and Filipino.

Moreover, Genyo allows schools to fully comply with the Department of Education's directive to integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in classroom instruction.

Genyo is compliant with the Department of Education's policy on Information and Communication Technolocy (ICT). When you invest in Genyo, you go in the right direction -- right into the future. 


Customize teaching materials with Genyo


For teachers, benefits are just as noteworthy. Teachers can customize Genyo materials to suit their lesson plans, enabling them to enhance their lessons. It allows teachers to tailor-fit content and teaching materials according to the unique style, approach and learning pace of their classes.

A comprehensive training program will be provided for teachers who use Genyo in their teaching. This is through Genyo's teacher training program that equips teachers with necessary information and skills to fully take advantage of Genyo e-learning program.

The program includes an overview of e-learning, instructions on navigating Genyo and Authoring Tool, workshop on how to integrate Genyo in the classroom and discussions on teaching strategies using Genyo.  

The Genyo Authoring Tool allows teachers to customize and personalize subject matters. It lets teachers add new pages and have another outlet for creativity.


More tools with Genyo online


Teachers are also provided additional tools through Genyo online (

Genyo Online provides access to information, curriculum, updates within the program and tools that will transform teachers into savvy "e-ducators." It features an online dictionary, thesaurus, message boards and polls as support tools.

Best of all, teachers can save more time so they can focus on the essentials of learning. The need to prepare visual aids in cartolina or manila paper are minimized.


Genyo anchored on total learning


The software is inspired by the philosophy of total learning. Studies show that students retain 80% of what they see, hear, and do simultaneously while they only retain 20% of what they see, 30% of what they hear, and 50% of what they see and hear. With Genyo, their propensity to learn is increased.

Its interactive and highly graphic multimedia content is perfect for the new breed of learners. Innate curiosity of high school students is immensely stirred and their attention is easily focused on the subject of learning. 

Genyo prepares students for the 21 st century workplace. The e-learning environment in the classroom provides the framework for building upon and learning new concepts that are useful in the workplace.


Loaded with extra features


Two exciting features are also loaded up with the packages -- the LTRLinx and the Mobile School. LTRlinx is a multiplayer word game based on creating anagrams. An anagram is a word spelled out by rearranging the letters of another word. It is a fun way to test one's vocabulary and general knowledge skills.

The Genyo Mobile School allows students to access information, and, schools to broadcast information, via SMS. The mobile school entitles the subscriber to access the mDictionary, mThesaurus, Word of The Day, mTutor, mQuiz, Survey, Knowledge Power, School Messenger and Logo and Music downloads.  


For pleased parents


With all of these benefits students receive, parents can appreciate the better school performance of their children and they can also discover the wonders of an online community.

Parents can be part of an online community that will help them guide their children. This as they  notice their children's increased enthusiasm for school which leads to improved classroom performance.